Riverfront Medical, P.C.

Your Industry Leader for Maintaining a Healthy Productive Work Force

Occupational Health Services, Health & Wellness Programs, Drug & Alcohol Testing & Administration, and Independent Medical Evaluations

Company Profile:

Riverfront Medical, P.C. has helped employers maintain a healthy productive workforce for over 30 years! More and more, organizations are embracing the positive effect of Riverfront’s proactive approach to providing Occupational Health Services, Health & Wellness Initiatives, Drug & Alcohol Testing & Administration and multi- specialist Independent Medical Evaluations.

By incorporating its innovative proprietary “industry first” computer system developed in the 1980s, Riverfront provides timely appointments and fast, accurate reporting that meet industry needs. With multiple clinic locations and a national network of affiliate providers, Riverfront continues to maintain personal relationships that are supported through clear communication and a deep knowledge of industry needs and regulatory requirements.

Riverfront Medical, P.C. is owned by Harvey Y. Lewis, M.D. who founded the corporation in 1977. Peter D. Clark, COO and Cheryl “Sherry” F. Lewis, Controller, who joined Riverfront in the 1980s manage Riverfront from its headquarters in Syracuse, New York.

Riverfront continues to operate with its long standing corporate values, namely: High Quality Medical Services, Delighted Clients, Customer Focus, Integrity, Innovation, Employee Involvement, and Social Responsibility.

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Riverfront Medical - A Brief History


Riverfront Medical PC was founded in Flint, Michigan, by Harvey Y. Lewis, M.D. who remains its C.E.O. and owner.


Peter D. Clark and Cheryl "Sherry" F. Lewis started Empire Medical Management Ltd to manage the affairs of the PC. They remain actively involved in day to day operations.


We saw a merger of both companies with Managed Care Network, and the formation on Empire IME Consulting LLC to handle only IME’s leaving Riverfront Medical to handle the Occupational Health work and some significant IME clients.


Based on professional differences, Riverfront PC left that arrangement. Shortly thereafter, Empire IME transferred all it’s business to Riverfront Medical and Riverfront's team began to rebuild it’s reputation and resources.


Today its corporate values survive, namely: High Quality Medical Services, Delighted Clients, Customer Focus, Integrity, Innovation, Employee Involvement and Social Responsibility.