Occupational Health Services

Riverfront Medical PC offers a comprehensive approach to reducing health and safety costs through the prevention and management of work-related injuries. Riverfront Medical is ready to act as your Medical Director or Physician Adviser. Companies of all sizes are beginning to appreciate the positive effect pro-active occupational health services have on the bottom line.

Riverfront Medical Advantage:

  • Medical Facilities across New York State.
  • Access to a Nationwide Network.
  • On site services available upon request.
  • After Hours Drug and Alcohol Screenings for key clients
  • Screening Programs

    Screening Programs

    In an effort to reduce operating costs, lower absenteeism, and improve the wellness of its employee base, every employer should have a drug and alcohol testing initiative. Riverfront Medical provides a one-call solution to this problem.…


  • Individual Workplace Assessment

    Individual Workplace Assessment

    Having reached the conclusion that a healthy work force plays an integral role in operation efficiency, the next logical step is to assess, for your individual business, the following areas: workplace safety, employee health, and the specific area of health that are pertinent to your business.…


  • Wellness Examinations

    Wellness Examinations

    Health Assessment, Employee Fitness Programs, General Health Promotion, International Travelers Health Services…


Ancillary Services

  • Laboratory Studies
  • Vision Testing
  • Audiometric Testing
  • EKGs
  • Radiology Studies
  • Immunization
  • Spirometry (Pulmonary testing
  • Respirator Fit Testing